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Rail Static Weighing System

We manufacture and supply precision Rail static weigh bridges for railway wagons. our rail static weigh weighing scales are the most accurate on the market, giving you peace of mind in the safety of the people, our systems greatly benefit offering a multitude of tests ranging from individual wheel weights, axle, bogie, wagon and full train weights. Our system is used to load the cement; fly ash in closed wagons .we can load single wagon or two wagons simultaneously. We can fix target for each wagon, As soon as the wagon weight attains a pre-set value by filling with material (say 50 tons), the system should give the “CLOSE” or “STOP” command to stop the loading of the wagon. The difference of the empty and loaded wagon, which is the actual material loaded in the wagon, should be displayed and recorded in a PC. This system is controls the dust emission and the loading is completely very faster.

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